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Limitless Worlds

Friday, December 30, 2022

Nightcrawlers Revised Design Diary - Characters

Welcome to the first entry into a new design diaries series for Nightcrawlers - but this time, it's for a revised edition!

The revised edition has no set release date, but it is intended to be a revision/expansion of existing material. It also has no set name, but I'm throwing some around.

Anyway, I'm going to go through each chapter and talk about the changes I have made/are going to make. First up: Characters!

As far as the actual character creation goes, there is one change - the crew can create a crew goal that gives everyone a level if it is accomplished.

The more significant changes are in the broods, but most are minor. The exception is the addition of two new broods: the Ghoul and the Mutant! These are cutting room floor broods that I had considered for the original edition, but now they have been worked out and are ready for daylight (or moonlight, as it were)

Created: Mostly the same, except I have clarified their power regain slightly 

Demon: No major changes

Faerie: No major changes

Ghost: Ghosts can be damaged by salt even if they are incorporeal

Ghoul: The first new brood! Ghouls are your classic flesh-eating undead, the original source material for modern zombie myths. The Ghoul is fairly animalistic, gaining bonuses for attacking in swarms and navigating underground. They hunger for flesh and are weak to strong acids and solvents.

Gillman: Made some clarifications that they gain power through destroying things OUTSIDE of combat. Their starting edge has also changed to the new Amphibious, and they gain a new ability called Frenzy

Mortal: No major changes 

Mutant: The second new brood! Mutants are meant to fill the role of Jekyll and Hyde, the Invisible Man, and so on. They're good at maintaining a low profile but fairly unstable and easy to rattle. They also start out with a random edge, which I think is cool.

Revenant: They get a slightly updated description saying they are "preserved undead", just to make it a little more clear that a Revenant can be a mummy just as much as an Eric Draven-type

Vampire: No major changes 

Warlock: The Familiar ability has been slightly clarified and expanded on, as is The Paths drawback

Werewolf: Their Lunacy drawback has been revised, and now they DO change at the sight of a full moon. That was a drawback I always felt I didn't do justice, so now it's there. It still does not mean time needs to be tracked through lunar cycles, but it can make for dramatic moments.

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  1. Me gusta esto. Veo muchas mejoras con respecto al juego original así que esperaré con ansias la versión revisada para comprarla :DD